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ROADTEC 01 is Metzeler's premier product in the sport touring market, with radial to X-Ply constructions designed to improve grip on wet and low friction surfaces, enhance mileage, and adapt to a wide range of motorcycles, riding styles, and situations. Due to the radial arrangement of grooves, increased grip on wet roads, with an emphasis on low friction surfaces (such as city streets and worn asphalt, low temperature). Tire stiffness has been rebalanced to allow for greater rubber adhesion to tarmac micro-asperities, boosting mechanical grip even on low friction surfaces. Belt and carcass tension characteristics have been improved to improve rear tire stability during hard braking. Increased mileage (up to 10%) over the Roadtec Z8 Interact due to a different footprint shape (bigger and shorter), which improves motorbike handling as well. Higher wear resistance is achieved by combining a revised land/sea proportion on the rear tire with a redesigned tread design to assure product uniformity. allowing customers to enjoy the tire throughout the duration of its useful life Metzeler multi-compound rear on selected sizes, with improved compound harmonizing The ROADTEC 01 performance is now available on a wider range of motorcycles thanks to the HWM (Heavy Weight Motorcycles) special edition. Reduced the severity and duration of vibrations caused by road irregularities or steering motions, which improved stability. A "Weight" icon next to the product name on the tire sidewall distinguishes it. Stiffer carcass material and sidewall structure, as well as a slightly modified compound recipe, are used to achieve increased stability. Tubeless Blackwall (TL) SE = "Supersport" version with slicker shoulder tread for improved dry grip W rated for speeds of 168+ MPH

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Metzeler 110/90 | 18 Roadtec 01
110/90 | 18 Roadtec 01
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110/90 | 18 Roadtec 01

110/90 | 18 Roadtec 01

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