Go prepared for a trip!

Our mission is to let our customers go on their adventure with the best equipment and correct product information! Whether you're travelling the world or commuting, Adventure Moto Shop has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for windshields, crashbars, luggage, the perfect campingequipment for your bike or for a crazy adventure. There is always an item you need for your adventure or to give your bike a cool upgrade. Plus, with great adventure rider stories and tips, there's always plenty of information to be found at Adventure Moto Shop!

Our top brands

To make sure you are prepared for your trip, whether it is a long journey through Europe or beyond. But also for commuting, it is important to go on an adventure with the best products. Therefore, we as motorcyclists have worked together with a group of adventure riders who have travelled around the world on their motorbikes. We have selected the following brands together: Touratech, SW-Motech, Givi and Kedo. In addition to these brands for the best parts, it is also important to make sure that everything necessary for your motorbike journey is included in the best luggage products, which is why we have selected the following brands on the basis of our experience and adventure experts; Enduristan, Kriega, Kuryakyn and Nelson Rigg. In addition, we work every day to broaden our range by selecting the right products and brands.

Motorbike navigation

Besides the well-known navigation systems of the brand's TomTom and Garmin, It is becoming more and more popular to use the phone as navigation or as an extra. To ensure that your phone is properly attached to the motorbike, it is important to have the right cases and brackets. Therefore, we have the two best-regarded brands in our range, namely the products of Quadlock and RAM Mounts.

Motorbike accommodation

In addition to looking after the motorbike, it is also important to look after the rider. Whether it is for a weekend or for a longer period, it is of utmost importance to sleep well. The use of tents & tarps is for many of them of utmost importance in order to be able to sit the next day on the motorbike well rested. In addition, cooking and food are the most important, because without these basic necessities a nice trip becomes challenging.

Adventure tyres

As many people know, for adventure motorbikes it is very important to have the right tyres, of course this also applies for other motorbikes. In addition to the right size, the surface is also very important, so there are two large categories of sports/street tyres and adventure/offroad tyres. To ensure that our range consists of the right brands selected on the basis of our own experience and that of adventure experts are Continental, Michelin, Bridgeston, Heidenau, Metzeler, Avon and Mitas.

Who are we?

We are a group of adventure motorcyclists who have made their hobby their job. By working every day for other motorcyclists with the best products, brands and information we want to ensure that our customers are as well prepared as possible for the journey. If you want to know more about us as team Adventure Moto Shop check our Who are we?