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    Within Europe we will automatically add VAT to all orders. These amounts are determined by European directives.

    If you live outside Europe, different rules apply and you pay the local VAT rate of your country. How this is structured differs per country. But where possible we will add the VAT to your price ourselves. When we have charged VAT and your customs also asks for payment when entering. Then pay this bill otherwise they will send your package back to us. If there is also a VAT amount on our receipt, show this to customs and you may be able to get the extra amount paid back from them.

    If you live in England, Scotland or Wales and you buy something from us that costs less than £135, we will charge the UK VAT rate. You do not have to pay this to customs. If you get a bill from customs to pay for this, please accept and pay your bill, otherwise the item will be returned to us. But you can ask for your money back when you hand over our invoice with the price including VAT.

    If your order is over £135 you may be required to pay these import duties.
    In this case we do not charge VAT.