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FreeLite 2-Person Ultralight Tent Green

The FreeLite 2 is the perfect choice for adventurers who want to travel light without compromising on tent space. We love this 2 person tent because it's lightweight and easy to pack on your motorcycle adventure. We prefer to use this tent with alone so the space for the second persons can be used for your helmet and other gear. This ultralight, semi-freestanding tent is specifically designed for three-season use, making it ideal for those who want to fully enjoy their adventure without being bogged down by heavy equipment.

The Inside: The latest FreeLite 2 is half a pound (226 g) lighter than its predecessor, while still retaining its true rectangular floor without any foot taper - a unique feature among most other tents. With 39 inches (1.00 m) of headroom, this tent offers 3 inches more space than before, making it even more comfortable to use. The tent body is made of micromesh, which not only provides excellent ventilation but also allows for stargazing. Additionally, it features a waterproof bathtub-style floor to protect you from the elements.

The tent has two no-curve doors that prevent you from having to climb over your tent partner in the middle of the night. These doors are equipped with zippers that are easy to operate with one hand and can be zipped closed to a single point, ensuring that you always know where to open the door, even in the dark. The tent also has new tech-friendly pockets with cable ports at the corners for headphone and charging cords. Furthermore, there are overhead gear loft pockets that are perfect for storing headlamps, sunglasses, and other quick-access items.

The Outside: Setting up the semi-freestanding FreeLite tent is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. The tent is reinforced with super strong DAC NFL tent poles, and the DuraShield™ waterproof coating and taped seams work together to ensure that you stay dry and comfortable even in wet weather conditions.

The tent's cutaway rainfly helps to reduce weight and features large vestibules, providing ample space for storing any gear you prefer to keep outside the tent. The vestibule doors are easy to access, and the StayDry™ rain gutters help to prevent water from dripping onto you and your gear. With these features, the FreeLite tent is the perfect choice for adventurers looking for a reliable and convenient shelter.

The Bottom Line: The semi-freestanding FreeLite tent is the perfect option for those seeking comfort and convenience during their motorcycle adventures. Whether you're accompanied by a human or a furry friend, this tent provides ample space and features to meet your needs without adding any noticeable weight to your backpack.

After a long day of hiking, you and your companion can enjoy the comfort of this ultralight tent without sacrificing the weight of your pack. With its spacious design and convenient features, the FreeLite tent is a great option for anyone looking to enjoy the great outdoors without compromising on comfort.

  • Lightweight: The FreeLite tent has a minimum weight of 2 lbs. (0.68 kg).
  • Livable: The FreeLite tent features a true rectangular floorplan and provides 39 inches (1.00 m) of headroom, making it a comfortable choice for camping. The tent also has two large side-entry vestibules that offer ample space for storing your gear, as well as interior pockets and overhead gear lofts for added convenience.
  • Waterproof: The rainfly and floor of the FreeLite tent are coated with DuraShield™ to provide added protection against the elements. The tent also features taped seams, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable throughout your camping trip by keeping the elements outside where they belong.
  • DAC NFL Poles: The FreeLite tent comes with super strong and lightweight aluminum tent poles that can withstand both regular use and the elements. These poles provide a sturdy structure for the tent, ensuring that it remains upright and secure even in windy conditions.
  • Tech-Friendly Pockets: The pockets of the FreeLite tent are equipped with cable ports, making it easy to manage cords and cables for your electronic devices. This feature allows you to keep your devices powered up and within reach while keeping your tent organized and clutter-free.
  • Easy Setup & Packing: The FreeLite tent is designed with a unified hub-and-pole system and symmetrical design, making the setup process quick and easy. This feature allows you to set up your tent quickly and efficiently, so you can spend more time enjoying your camping trip. Additionally, the tent comes with an ultra-compact stuff sack, making it easy to pack and transport with you wherever you go.
  • Maximum Airflow: The FreeLite tent's micromesh tent body is designed to minimize condensation and keep out bugs while allowing you to stargaze on clear nights. This feature ensures that you stay comfortable and protected from insects and the elements while still being able to enjoy the beauty of the night sky.
  • Durable Details: The FreeLite tent is built to last with reinforced patches and stitching at guy points, as well as locking anodized stake loop grommets. These features provide extra strength and durability to the tent, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and last for many camping trips to come.
  • Includes: The FreeLite tent comes with a complete set of camping essentials, including the tent body, rainfly, poles, stakes, guy lines, stuff sack, and setup instructions. With these items, you have everything you need to set up and enjoy a comfortable camping experience.

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MSR FreeLite 2-Person Ultralight Tent Green
FreeLite 2-Person Ultralight Tent Green
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